Sunday, March 29, 2009

July 20, 1969

Awake this morning after,
I know I shouldn't care
but sweetness fills my head,
soft as summer air,
like an oriental flute,
a clean blue sweep of sea,
flows upon my senses
Awesome infinity.

How can I describe
what we do not know?
I am speakng of ourselves:
the stringy pain of our tension,
Our anxious search for worth,
the constant hunger for comfort
on a warring hostile Earth
proscribe self-analysis.

Philosophy cannot catch up
with our evil restless minds,
and those who are most faithful
to a dream they know is dead,
lost their passion to an ethic
drying up in the head.
But man has primal knowledge:
to probe is to survive.

Those who ignore the dying
are always most alive.
Laughable and laughing
Man forsakes his failing dream.
The desperate optimist
flees intellectual scorn,
with huge fiery thrust
seeks an ethic green, newborn.

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