Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pay attention to words

Do we need to be told that "this limited-time offer won't last?"

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The death of George McGovern is a great loss

Robert Sheer asked a question of George McGovern some time ago.  Sheer noted that Nixon, during the 1972 race for President, played the role of patriot and tough commander in chief without calling attention to his WWII experience in work that kept him from combat.
Sheer said that McGovern  had flown 35 bomber missions over Germany (some were suicide missions),  that once he had crash-landed his plane successfully in order to save his crew,  and that he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his bravery.  Why, asked Sheer, didn't you use your wartime experience in your campaign?  McGovern replied, "Because it would have been unseemly."
What a man!

The link below is a tribute to McGovern by Chris Hedges.  Please read it.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Please, Bibi, shut up.

Bibi Netanyahu is putting himself directly into the American election scene and that is a violation of protocol, courtesy and common sense. 
An anti-Obama commercial has footage of Netanyahu urging the United States to draw a 'red line' on Iranian nuclear development, also a violation of protocol and sound behavior.
 .It is time to recognize that Israel has become a dependency of the USA,   The United States has  sheltered, financed and protected Israel since its inception in 1948.  Enough already.  If a democratic country can really exist in the mid-East, let's see it happen.
General Petraeus has stated that the Israeli-Palestinian problem is raising anti-American feeling and "presents distinct challenges to our ability to advance our interests." It was reported that he believed that this unresolved issue was endangering the lives of American military personnel but this was never officially confirmed.   Petraeus recommended that the Palestinians be included in CentCom but the Obama administration refused to do so because Israel objected..
The modern nation-state of Israel will be 65 years old next year.  Time  to stop living with Nanny.
This is not about throwing Israel 'under the bus.'   It's time to push Israel from the nest.
The Israeli-Palestinian issue will never be resolved as long as Israel has no reason to change.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Thank you, George McGovern

George McGovern, 90 years old, is reported to be in Hospice.
While you still live, Senator McGovern, I want to say thank you for your heroism during World War II, for your efforts to end the war in Vietnam, for being a truly decent man. a real patriot.
God Bless and farewell.

For some reason, I find this a sad piece of news.  Probably because I invested so much desire in his candidacy.  After his defeat to the criminal Nixon, I never felt as positive about Presidential politics.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mad as Hell and not taking it anymore

God Bless Joe Biden.  About time for someone to push back on the Far Reich's dimwits.

Even the gentle Bill Nye has had it.  (Hat tip, Macraven)

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