Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Buzzwords are those annoying expressions that people use when they are too lazy or too busy to choose words of their own to express their meaning.
Over time, I have watched these phrases gets mis-used or over-used to the point where meaning is not only lost, it is garbled.
You know the buzzwords I mean: pushing the envelope, window of opportunity, a perfect storm, a tsunami, etc.
If someone experiences a flat tire and misplaces their keys and misses an appointment, all in one day, we must hear how they lived through 'a perfect storm'.
Our local TV news anchor recently described a special woman who 'not only pushed the envelope, she tore it up'.
In Monday's local newspaper, there was a front page article about judges establishing programs to help keep mortgage problems out of the courts because the legislature isn't doing enough about it. One judge is quoted: "It's very frustrating to recognize that consistently over the last three years we've sustained budget cutbacks and staff reductions in the court system and this tsunami has hit with forclosures."
The Court General Counsel stated: "We want to at least have some contact with these people so they're not deer in headlights."
Or bugs in amber?
Please! Enough, before someone pushes that envelope through the window of opportunity and kills someone.
Yes, if that happens, we will have to go back to the drawing board which every one knows is in square one and that can be found on the bottom line.

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