Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Delmore Effect

While researching the life and works of the poet Delmore Schwartz, I learned that a tenet of modern psychology had been named for him called the Delmore Effect.
The term is the concept of one Paul Whitmore and it appears in his dissertation for PHD which was submitted the Psychiatric Department of Stanford University in 2000.
He defines it thusly: "The daunting nature of truly important goals may motivate the self to deflect this anxiety by attending to less important, but also less threatening goals."
The idea came to Mr. Whitmore after reading Selected Essays Of Delmore Schwartz. In the introduction to this book, the editors (Dike, D. & Zucker, D.) wrote: "A likely guess would be that an extended essay or book on Joyce was one of Delmore's long entertained projects and that he never accomplished the project precisely because he thought of it as crucial."

I wonder. Do I suffer from the Delmore Effect? Could that be the cause for this blog?
If so, I am in good company. Poor Delmore.

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