Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An Observation

Looking back over the past eleven years and the events that have comprised the news during that time, I have come to the following conclusion:

The cream doesn't rise to the top anymore.


  1. I was just saying today, to a former colleague of mine at The Inquirer, that today's political class -- and I include the President and representative members of both parties -- is the worst of my lifetime. Harry Reid vs, Mike Mansfield? Mitch McConnell vs. Everett Dirksen (though I think McConnell is notably better than Reid)? Nancy Pelosi vs. Sam Rayburn or John McCormick or Tip O'Neil?

  2. As I posted sometime ago, we are living in a kakistocracy, i.e., a government by the least qualified or the least principled. And I see it elsewhere: education, corporations. Even religous institutions seem uncertain what lies in their best interest.

  3. I fear what you say is so. Thank God these people weren't in charge 70 years ago today.

  4. Frank, I know 1941 is special for you, your birth year, right? 70 years ago today I was 20 days shy of my 8th birthday, so I remember Pearl Harbor, and I remember following the progress of the war as an impressionable boy.
    I note that it didn't take ten years to win the biggest war the world has ever seen, and it was done with half the generals and admirals we have in uniform today.