Monday, August 15, 2016

Image and Technology, Daniel Boorstin has a say

This  is a good time to re-post a trenchant  quotation  by the Swiss novelist Max Frisch"

"Technology...the knack of so arranging the world  that we don't have to  experience  it."

The above quotation is found on the title page of "THE IMAGE", a book written by Daniel J. Boorstin and published in 1962.

The book is  divided into six sections, titled as follows:

1.  From News Gathering to News Making
     A Flood of Pseudo-Events

2.  From Hero to Celebrity
     The Human Pseudo-Event

3.From Traveler to Tourist
   The Lost Art of Travel

4.  From Shapes to  Shadows
     Dissolving Forms

5.  From Ideal to Image
     The Search for Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

6.  From the American Dream to  American Illusions?
     The Self-Deceiving Magic of Prestige

Sound intriguing?  Read it.  You won't regret it.  Maybe.


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