Monday, May 18, 2009

From My Newspaper Archives

Sunday NY Times November 1, 1998:
In the Magazine, a full page ad for POLOSPORT: he's wearing her hair; she's wearing his clothes; she looks prepared, assertive; he looks uncertain, misty-eyed. Nearly identical mouths full, wide, sensual. Both are square-jawed with classic noses and high foreheads.
We are to believe that these two live in a remote cabin in a snowy wilderness, having been clothed by Ralph Lauren who supplies "explorers, travelers and adventurers".
Unpimpled; unpocked; very, very scrubbed.

From the Arts & Leisure section, same paper:
An article by one Ann Powers on how rock music embraces the family after years of rebellion and adolescence. "There seems to be a growing consensus that no one really wants to die before they grow old."

And so the nation's greatest newspaper slowly succumbs to the superficiality of the modern consumer society.

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