Sunday, November 8, 2009

Military Draft: the right idea?

Lately I see, hear, or read people recommend that the military draft be returned to active duty.  The reasoning behind this, as I understand it, is that with a Citizen Army as opposed to a Volunteer Army, more people will be affected by the war and  become so disenchanted with our war making efforts around the world that they will bring an end to the enterprises in Iraq and Afghanistan;  and that it may act as a brake on any future plans by the powers in government to invade countries.
That is the long way home.  Better to join anti-war groups and plan protests.  Better to vote out all people currently serving in the government.
Everybody claims that congress is corrupt and/or incompetent.  Everybody that is except their own congressman and senator.  This is why nothing changes.  At the next election, I will vote against every incumbent, even the ones I like.  It is past time to clean house.

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