Sunday, November 8, 2009

On the Death of Children

In today's (11/08/09) Parade magazine, Madeleine Albright writes on freedom and democracy and how important they are.  In the article, she describes a visit to Sierra Leone when she was Secretary of State under Bill Clinton. She writes "Militia groups there routinely chopped off people's hands to keep them from casting a ballot, even using machetes on the limbs of small children. I'll never forget holding one maimed girl in my arms. I couldn't help wondering how anyone could hurt her in such a cruel way. Whose enemy was she?"

When Albright was Secretary of State, she was interviewed by Leslie Stahl for the TV show 60 Minutes.  Stahl asked her about the half a million children who have died in Iraq due to the sanctions imposed by the US and NATO.  Stahl pointed out that was more children than were killed in Hiroshima.  Was it, she asks Albright, worth the price?
Albright responds:  " We think that's a very hard choice, but the price, we think the price is worth it."

Whose enemy were they, Madame Secretary?

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