Friday, April 29, 2011

Born 76 years ago today

This photograph of my brother Alan was taken two or three years ago.  He is beginning one of his favorite hikes: a walk through Goose Pond State Park between Chester and Monroe, New York.
Once upon a time this road was called Lazy Hill Road.  It ran a few miles from Route 17 (now 17M) to Laroe Road.  It was populated only by dairy farms.   I have forgotten some of the names now but all the farms were located on the right side of the road with their backs to Goose Pond mountian and the creek that ran through the fields along the mountain's base.
At the top of the rise shown in the photo was the Tom Roe farm.  A mile farther was the Joe Piekara farm and then a farm called Sunnyvale which was the home of our maternal grandmother and step-grandfather, Maude and Thaddeus Mapes.  Alan and I spent a lot of our boyhood there.
Alan died last June so this is the first of his birthdays that I will observe without him.  I wrote about his death here last year.

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