Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wikileaks under fire again.

If you like to watch Television News as presented by CNN in the belief that you are watching an objective truth-seeking program based on integrity and facts, then you may not enjoy the hatchet job that will be done on June 12, Sunday at 8:00 PM on CNN.
Titled "Wikiwars: The Mission of Julian Assange", it is little more than a rehash of old rumours mixed with inaccuracies and detailed revelations of Assange's personal bodily features and personality idiosyncrasies.  Qualities we all have,  by the way.
This is not surprising.  CNN has tried to denigrate Assange from the beginning.  Along with the New York Times and some other publications, they are an organ  of the American Government and do the bidding of same.
The question I have is: why Assange right now, at this time?  Is it another "pre-emptive strike" that our Government is so famous for doing? 
More likely, it just time to renew the lesson of the dangers of truth-telling and whistle-blowing to the American people.
A digression here:  I wish an enterprising reporter would research who was the first person to use 'pre-emptive strike' to justify putting the country at war without following constitutional procedure.
I bet most people think it means to strike first.  My understanding is that pre-emption means the seizing of public lands within one's own nation.

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