Friday, June 8, 2012

Lord Byron sounds contemporary

I enjoy re-reading the classics.  Lately I have been reading Keats, Wordsworth and Byron.  I found this excerpt in Lord Byron's "English Bards and Scotch Reviewers." It would be at home in almost any current literary publication.

Truth!  rouse some genuine Bard, and guide his hand
To drive this pestilence from the land.
E'en I - least thinking of a thoughtless throng,
Just skilled to know the right and choose the wrong,
Freed at that age when Reason's shield is lost,
To fight my course through Passion's countless host,
Whom every path of Pleasure's flow'ry way
Has lured in turn, and all have led astray -
E'en I must raise my voice, e'en I must feel
Such scenes, such men, destroy the public weal:
Altho' some kind, censorious friend will say
"What art thou better, meddling fool, than they?"
And every Brother Rake will smile to see
That miracle, a Moralist in me.

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