Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm thankful for Whistleblowers

Unauthorized leaks from the White House have the war lovers in a tizzy. The objections to these leaks are that they 'endanger national security' and that they were made intentionally in order to make the President appear to be a tough leader defending the American people.  Heretofore this quality was something that only Republican Presidents had enjoyed, the Democrats being too soft to protect the USA from its enemies.
What were these leaks?
1.  President Obama 'personally' reviews a 'kill list' to 'authorize' drone strikes to kill citizens of another country who have been 'deemed' to be terrorists.
2.  The United States has conducted cyberwar against the nation of Iran.

 These leaks are not news to Pakistanis or Afghans.  They are the ones being killed by our drones.
These leaks are not news to the Iranians.  They know that computer viruses have affected their nuclear program and they have a pretty good idea who is responsible.
So why the big noise?  The American people don't care.  They  only get mad when  foreigners retaliate and cause destruction here, in our country.  When foreigners kill Americans here, in our country.  Very few Americans get upset over the killing that takes place in our name wherever in the world we decide to do it.
Both leaks describe unauthorized Acts of War by the United States.  And (get this) our President is supposed to be a constitutional scholar.
But I find another image even more ludicrous and sad.  I picture President Obama, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, sitting in the oval office perusing a "kill list" and authorizing drone strikes against individuals deemed (without trial) to be terrorists.  That these strikes often kill innocents and children is unfortunate but won't interrupt his sit-down dinner smiling with the troops.

God bless the whistleblowers, whatever their motives.  They bring us the truth.

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