Sunday, October 21, 2012

The death of George McGovern is a great loss

Robert Sheer asked a question of George McGovern some time ago.  Sheer noted that Nixon, during the 1972 race for President, played the role of patriot and tough commander in chief without calling attention to his WWII experience in work that kept him from combat.
Sheer said that McGovern  had flown 35 bomber missions over Germany (some were suicide missions),  that once he had crash-landed his plane successfully in order to save his crew,  and that he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his bravery.  Why, asked Sheer, didn't you use your wartime experience in your campaign?  McGovern replied, "Because it would have been unseemly."
What a man!

The link below is a tribute to McGovern by Chris Hedges.  Please read it.


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  1. Linc,

    Unfortunately, nothing is unseemly in politics today. In fact, it seems that the more unseemly the better.