Saturday, October 20, 2012

Please, Bibi, shut up.

Bibi Netanyahu is putting himself directly into the American election scene and that is a violation of protocol, courtesy and common sense. 
An anti-Obama commercial has footage of Netanyahu urging the United States to draw a 'red line' on Iranian nuclear development, also a violation of protocol and sound behavior.
 .It is time to recognize that Israel has become a dependency of the USA,   The United States has  sheltered, financed and protected Israel since its inception in 1948.  Enough already.  If a democratic country can really exist in the mid-East, let's see it happen.
General Petraeus has stated that the Israeli-Palestinian problem is raising anti-American feeling and "presents distinct challenges to our ability to advance our interests." It was reported that he believed that this unresolved issue was endangering the lives of American military personnel but this was never officially confirmed.   Petraeus recommended that the Palestinians be included in CentCom but the Obama administration refused to do so because Israel objected..
The modern nation-state of Israel will be 65 years old next year.  Time  to stop living with Nanny.
This is not about throwing Israel 'under the bus.'   It's time to push Israel from the nest.
The Israeli-Palestinian issue will never be resolved as long as Israel has no reason to change.

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